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FRIDAY JUNE 22nd | 6:30PM
Old Tyme Italian, Lynn

Supporting our Youth Theatre Initiative to bring professional theatre
workshops, trainings, and productions to Lynn students.

Do you have what it takes to spell your h-e-a-r-t out?!
This unique event will pit teams of 4 against each other in a spelling competition
much like the National Spelling Bee for young adults.

Get tickets for teams and audience members!

Craig LeMoult
WGBH Boston Journalist

Patricia Gentile
President, North Shore Community College
Michael Satterwhite
Lynn School Committee Member
Jen Mageary
Lynn English High School English Teacher

Grab 3 of your brainiac friends
and come have some F-U-N!

our Youth Theatre Initiative
for Lynn Students!

E-A-T, D-R-I-N-K, and P-L-A-Y
as a team or an audience member!

FRIDAY JUNE 22nd | 6:30PM
Old Tyme Italian, Lynn

Team Registration: $100 / team of 4
Audience Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door

Tickets on sale now at our ticketing website!
Arts After Hours' Adult Spelling Bee will raise funds for our Youth Theater Initiative which aims to bring professional trainings, workshops, experiences and productions to Lynn students. This summer, we begin with day workshops in the business theater, resumes and head shots, auditions, and more. All workshops are presented free of charge to the students. The project will continue throughout our upcoming season (8) and by season 10, with community support, we hope to offer full professional theater production opportunities to teens.  


June 1-10, 2018
Neal Rantoul Blackbox Theatre
Lynn Arts, Lynn, Massachusetts


Announcing our Fall 2018 cast of
Little Shop of Horrors
Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Music by Alan Menken
Based on the film by Roger Corman

Chiffon: Tristyn Sepersky
Crystal: Amanda Raponi
Ronnette: Alice Vaught
Mushnik: Paul Stickney
Audrey: Fran Betlyon
Seymour: Jason Hair-Wynn
Orin: Kent Walters
Audrey II: Nick Raponi

Production Dates October 19-November 3, 2018

Directed by Samantha Gambaccini
Music Directed by Shane Stecher
Choreography by Lauren Hall

Stage Management by Jen Ryan Gelzleichter
Technical Direction/Sound by Dave Simmons
Lighting Design by Michael Wonson
Costume Design by Liza Giangrande
Properties Design by Kay Marsella


Guest Blog
EDGES director Catherine Bertrand's
return to Lynn, growing up in theatre,
& her powerful all-female cast

Catherine Bertrand, Edges Director

"[My] empathetic, if not very fiery, drama teacher found me...

asked me if I was okay and said 'I’ll see you at rehearsal...

every day.'"

When I left Lynn almost 20 years to head to undergrad, just down the road in Salem, I swore I’d never come back except to visit my mom. I would go to Salem State and then move on. At the time the city had little to offer so not coming back wasn’t a huge loss. Plus, I had hated so much about high school. Except theatre. I loved drama club. I am one of those kids, specifically a young woman, whose life was saved by theatre. But I had to get out soon after I started high school. And yet, I’ve come back a lot. In the last ten years I’ve attended a number of, what I’ve come to ironically think of as, high school reunions at Cuffe McGinn...yes, the funeral home. And now twenty years later here I am every other night driving past the hills I grew up on and learned to ride a bike on and hide from bullies on my way to rehearsal for Arts After Hours. 

Twenty years later I am driving through a downtown that is unrecognizable and transformed in some areas. 

Twenty years later I am creating a piece of art in a town I swore I’d never come back to for any reason. 

Twenty-one years ago I made a very poor choice at drama club audition and I should have been expelled from high school. A consequence that would have certainly set me upon a very different path. Instead an empathetic, if not very fiery, drama teacher said nothing to the administration. He found me the next day and asked me if I was okay and said “I’ll see you at rehearsal...every day. I’ll call your mother and take care of it.” 

That moment was a definitive edge of my life. I was clearly teetering on a brink that I had a no idea existed. Here’s where I attempt to bring us full circle. 

When Sam asked me to direct for Arts After Hours my instinct was to say no because it would mean coming home - a place full of edges, sharp ones. And I had spent a number of years creating theatre for a small company nearby and getting an enormous amount of pushback after the two older gentlemen who had run this company retired. I wasn’t sure I was up for it. What initially pushed me towards getting on board was Sam’s utmost enthusiasm to gather a team of female artists to lead the way on her first production as Producing Artistic Director of AAH. Gender parity in the theatre is a national conversation that I have been in the midst of for some time; and this opportunity to be an active part of it making it happen was one I couldn’t pass up. 

Over the course of auditions for EDGES it became apparent that we were not going to see the men we would need to fill traditionally male cast roles. Someone commented that we might need to cast all women and I immediately had an iron grip on the idea. The Musical Director, Sarah, and I started working through the vocals to see if it would work. Our callbacks consisted of eight very strong women from whom we knew could cast the four roles. Just before callbacks the conversation started to veer toward “How do we get the men we need?” With a certain amount of frustration and, admittedly hesitation, I put a stop to that. Why did we even have to go in that direction?! Our story, our vision, our throughline was in the callback room! We had a national conversation being represented right here at AAH. We had the chance to offer four women roles. We get to show the community a entirely female cast led by almost an entirely female creative team put up a company led by a woman...this is a unique situation that we couldn’t let pass us by. 

AAH’s production of EDGES is an both an incredible evening of stories sung by a group of brilliant leading ladies as well as symbolic of a world on the edge. Please join us and become a part of this endeavor and this narrative with us!
Catherine Bertrand

Cesara Walters, Stage Manager
Catherine Bertrand, Director
Sarah Byrne-Martelli, Music Director

June 1, 2, 8 & 9 @ 8:00PM
June 3 & 10 @ 4:00PM
Neal Rantoul Blackbox Theatre
Lynn Arts, Lynn, Massachusetts

Arts After Hours is proud to announce our cast for Pasek & Paul's EDGES:

Catherine Benjamin
Concetta Russo
Krystal Scott
Nicole Viau

Production Dates: June 1-10, 2018

Tickets On Sale Now!


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This program is supported in part by a grant from the Lynn Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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