Celebrate Five Years of Arts After Hours at The Meet Ball! 



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Arts After Hours is proud to present the 4th Annual Summer Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet at Pine Grove Cemetery. The production will take place in front of the beautiful Rhoades Chapel built in the mid-1850s. This Chapel is in need of historic preservation and restoration. Come join us to see this beautiful gem in Lynn, MA and enjoy one of Shakespeare's masterpieces.

Tickets will go on sale in May. 

October 9-31
LynnArts, 25 Exchange Street

Book by Christopher t. Minori, Music and Lyrics by Cory Bytof. 

The creators describe the show as "the story of a handsome serial killer, his overly affectionate momma, the women he loves, and the pantywaist runt that ruins everything. It is not based on the 1974 horror film, but on the same events that inspired The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs: Wisconsin serial killer, Ed Gein. In the musical, Eddy Gee has been tormenting the residents of Plainfield, Texas since he was a child. After killing his mother, Eddy snaps and goes on a rampage, but things get problematic when he falls in love with one of his intended victims." Incredibly funny over the top humor and catchy songs. More info on tickets soon! 

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Lynn Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

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